Get a health checkup On Whatsapp Number will be checked in 24 hours

Ahmedabad District Panchayat is launching a new experiment in which say ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp and your health will be checked within 24 hours by filling the form on the link of the instant return message.

In Ahmedabad district, many protective measures have been taken including thermal screening, health check-up, sanitation, control of movement of people from the city.

The Live Dash Board started by the Health Branch of the District Panchayat has started a new approach of providing health check up to the people in the rural areas within 24 hours.

Ahmedabad District Development Officer Arun Mahesh Babu said, “Several steps have been taken to control corona in the district. Among them, health check up is also an important aspect.

However, it is difficult to perform health check-ups in such a large number at a time when a live dash board has been set up by the health department. ‘

The form has to be filled and sent

Mentioning these facilities, he further said, “Village warrior committees have been formed in all the villages of the district. If anyone in the village has any symptoms of fever and cold, the members of this committee will send a text message to the designated Whatsapp number 919016272810 (9016272810) only by typing (Hi). Will remain.

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The details will come to the dash board of the district, from there to the primary health center of the concerned area through the taluka and the person will be diagnosed within 24 hours. And will be referred to a nearby hospital if any positive symptoms are reported.